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With over 20 years of combined experience in the landscape industry, High Steppe Landscapes strives to provide a scientific, educated and professional approach to residential landscaping.


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Justus Lacewell has been working as a Landscape Designer, Draftsman and Landscape Gardener since 2007.  Educated at the University of Missouri, Justus received his bachelors degree in Plant Science with an emphasis in Landscape Horticulture in 2010. Working as a student gardener for the Mizzou Botanic Garden during his collegiate education he moved to Denver where he worked at Denver Zoo for five years as a Landscape Technician and then as a residential designer and salesman before starting High Steppe Landscapes in 2020.

While at Mizzou, he won the CAFNR Student Design contest to redesign the landscape of the Agriculture Building for the first time in 50 years as well as received the 2010 Hummert International Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Horticulture award.

Justus says, “I enjoy being able to blend art and science into one discipline. This allows me to draw on both my creative side and analytical side in order to provide the best looking and best quality services in the landscape as possible.”




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